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The informal leader evolves from the personal relations of participants. These types of leaders or supplement each other and are combined in the person of the authoritative head, or enter the conflict and then efficiency of the organization falls.

Really, at a certain stage efficiency of activity at the rigid, exacting leader can increase. But the main objective of the leader to cause activity, to eliminate passivity, to involve the mass of people in the solution of the ripened problems of public life.

Democratic leaders initiate the maximum participation of everyone in activity of groups, do not concentrate responsibility, and try to distribute it among members of group, create the atmosphere of cooperation.

Sometimes the charismatic leader is capable not only to overcome the acts, but also by only one force of moral influence, the fact of the existence dissociation of society. But it is necessary to see also negative aspects of this process when the charismatic leader with ease is surrounded with an aura of the irreplaceable.