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At the group which was engaged in a hall, the initial indicator is slightly higher, than the group which was engaged in park on 3 Further in October has a recession on 25, in November rise on 65, in December the indicator again falls on 85, in January it does small rise on And then sharp jump in February on 21, in March small decrease on

On power indicators (lifting of a trunk from a prone position – girls and pulling up from a vis – young men) the following results are received. In September the highest rate was thirty six times a minute, the lowest – twenty eight times a minute. The average arithmetic made – 3 V showed March repeated testing: the highest rate forty two, and the lowest – twenty nine, average arithmetic size was – 31, that is improved on 7 (see in the appendix of the Art.).

It is known that the movement is the main stimulator of activity of a human body. At a lack of movements weakening of physiological functions is observed, as a rule, the tone and activity of an organism goes down.

Research was conducted within seven months (September-March). Both groups were engaged three times a week, receiving identical tasks. The experimental group was engaged in park at temperatures not below minus twenty C. And control group in well aired room, that is in comfortable conditions.

Increase in emotional loadings inevitably (the flow of information constantly grows), and physical activities are constantly reduced. For creation of conditions of maintenance of the health at the necessary level physical activity is necessary. The person has to develop itself in himself a constant habit to be engaged in physical exercises to provide harmonious balance between intellectual and physical activities. It is one of the main parts of individual system of a healthy lifestyle.

The hardening is an increase of resistance of an organism to an adverse effect of a number of factors of environment (low or high temperature, etc.) by systematic impact on an organism of these factors.

As it was specified, at occupations in the fresh air there is an increase of resistance of an organism to influence of adverse climatic conditions (high and low temperature, humidity and the movement of the air raised and the lowered atmospheric pressure and so Dahl, that is to a hardening.

Other definition of health – ability to keep balance between an organism and constantly changing external and internal environment. Any organism possesses big reserves in maintenance of such balance.

The control standard was taken for the third indicator of physical fitness on determination of high-speed endurance, that is run on five hundred meters – girls and one thousand meters – the young man. An indicator – minutes/second. In September a good result – 54, low – 3 Average arithmetic size in September made – 0 V showed March testing: a good result – 43; low result – 1 Average arithmetic size improved to 9 (see in the appendix of the Art.).

The structure of groups is picked up so that in everyone there was an identical number of people according to the most identical characteristics (approximately identical age, physical fitness, etc.), engaged both indoors, and in the open air.

One of the most important factors of environment in which there lives a person, its temperature is. The human body has to support constantly thermal balance at various external temperatures. For this purpose it needs to be tempered.

At an initial indicator the 8th difference of comparison of these sizes at the group which was engaged in park showed that in October it raises on 4 Then in November gradual recession on In December on 05, January – 5, February – 45 is observed, in March of the indication of incidence are absent.

And the third indicator – estimation of high-speed endurance – run on five hundred meters – girls and one thousand meters – the young man, yielded the following results. In September the indicator made: the best –30 (minutes /, the worst – 07, average arithmetic – In March: the best result remained at the same level – 30, and low worsened – 13 a little and average arithmetic also worsened on 1 and made 1 (see in the appendix of the Art.).