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As needs of everyone separate develop on influences of an extensive complex of factors and have individual character, estimates of the same goods different consumers can not coincide. According to unequal also there will be their preference, a choice from the mass of the similar goods offered in the market. Therefore, in relation to the specific consumer competitiveness of these goods will also be individual.

the design data characterizing the main proyektno - the design decisions used during the developing and production of a product (structure of a product, its structure, the sizes, weight), separate parameters can also serve the classification purposes;

Each requirement possesses properties and parameters characterizing them which define its essence, useful effect necessary for the consumer and specific conditions of process of consumption. At coincidence of parameters of requirement to the parameters characterizing a product purchase is also made.

The Natural Keybord Elite keyboard reduces load of brushes of the user spending much time behind the computer. Parts of the keyboard are developed under an optimum angle on the relation to each other. Cursor arrows are located in the form of the sign "plus" that intuitively simpler is perceived by most of people. For connection of the "elite" keyboard it is possible to use both the PS/2 socket, and port of the universal consecutive tire USB.

The greatest recognition among the goods intended for satisfaction of this public requirement receives what corresponds to it more fully. It also allocates it from the general commodity weight, provides success in competitive fight.

Unexpectedly great interest to courses teachers of mathematics, a foreign language and informatics showed the elementary school teacher (about 17% of pupils), and also. At the last stage the advanced fifty-hour course was open for 100 teachers from among earlier trained.

At purchase commission the consumer carries out process of a choice of a product necessary for it among a number of the similar products offered in the market and gets that of them who most satisfies his requirement. Thus the buyer considers their consumer properties, finds out degree of compliance of own requirement.

the parameters of technical efficiency characterizing progressiveness of the technical solutions used during the developing and production of production (for example, the machine productivity, accuracy and speed of operation of measuring devices, memory size for the COMPUTER), they can be and at the same time and classification;