5 Things You Need To Stand Up For Yourself

Quick tips to britain Orientation to learn anything fast

For strict suits it is recommended to put on low shoes or boots of dark brown or black color. Light brown or brown boots do not approach a black suit at all, black boots approach a brown suit. In summertime to a light suit it is possible to put on sandaleta or sandals, boots on a thick sole, sports shoes. The varnished boots are put on only to a tuxedo.

The jacket has to be, as a rule, clasped on all buttons, except lower which is not clasped never. In the clasped jacket go to acquaintances, to restaurant, to an office to meeting, to the theater auditorium, sit in presidium or make the report. It is possible to undo buttons during a breakfast, a dinner, a lunch or sitting in a chair.

Foreign businessmen carefully watch details and captiously consider them in the conclusions. For example, the terrible impression is made by the short, gone-down folds socks which open a naked foot of the businessman when he crosses the legs. Socks in Japan as there it is necessary to remove footwear at an entrance to the house or restaurant are especially necessary pure and without holes.

As well as any professional group of people, at businessmen had a certain stereotype concerning clothes. Having visited any international fair or an exhibition, it is possible to notice that most of stand-attendants show surprising similarity of views in a choice of color of a tie, a shirt or a suit.

In a business situation it is not recommended to carry a shirt with short sleeves as it is considered elegant that cuffs of a shirt were visible from under jacket sleeves (approximately on two centimeter. Though, certainly, in very hot weather you will naturally look in a shirt with short sleeves, than in a suit, constantly wiping sweat from a face.

As for footwear, it is desirable to carry footwear of black color. In the summer to a light suit the footwear of black color is not obligatory, but anyway not sandals. If there is an opportunity, color of footwear is selected under color scale of a suit.

European and American customs much more liberally. However and they strictly forbid to appear at negotiations in a shirt with a tie, not to mention sports shirts even if there is an intolerable heat. However, conditioners in offices and cars, and also a wide choice of light suits help to sustain such restrictions to foreign businessmen.

In business trip the manager often does not know where and as he will spend day, will manage or not to return to hotel and to change clothes according to a case. Therefore a dark blue or dark gray suit the most widespread type for each case.

Accurate, with taste dressed, tightened - such is appearance of the businessman kindly perceived by surrounding partners and clients. And business here not in some refinement of taste, and that appearance of such person testifies to his respect for people.

It is absolutely optional to put on a superfashionable suit. It is important that the suit was in fair condition, did not bag, and trousers should not remind the greased old accordion. The suit has to be to revenge and at the right time. If negotiations with partners are appointed to day time, the light suit will approach. Trousers and a jacket can be various flowers. But if negotiations go in the evening, the suit has to be dark, a shirt - surely fresh, glazheny, a tie - not shouting, boots - cleaned. Elegance of the businessman is defined by a shirt, a tie and boots, but not quantity of suits which he brought with himself.

Now many businessmen reckon with councils of fashion designers. Universality of clothes has to become the fundamental principles by drawing up clothes, in their opinion. If in clothes there are many things which seldom use, so the clothes are made incorrectly.

Our businessmen, and also participants of the international exhibitions and fairs have to understand rules of this sort as being located abroad, they out of politeness have to adapt to the regulations existing there concerning a suit.

If the man sits having thrown a foot on a foot, talking to the business partner, he has to watch the trousers as it is inadmissible that above a sock the naked foot was visible. It is not accepted to shake a foot, to embrace knees hands. It is indecent to sit on the very brink of a chair, a chair, a sofa.