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Methodical recommendations are urged to provide unity of structure and classification of expenses, methods of their account, calculation of product cost in all agricultural organizations. But the specified Methodical recommendations, according to A. P. Kucherin, have essential shortcomings. They contain contradictions, uncertain sendings, and, therefore, they do not bear clear standard loading and distort prime cost.

In modern conditions more and more obvious to become need of increase of effectiveness and an operating control over the organization of the accounting of expenses for places of their emergence, types of production and the centers of responsibility.

One of attempts to change a situation in agricultural production to the best, showed increase of efficiency of agricultural production due to introduction of intraeconomic calculation, a collective and lease contract.

Plant growing – one of primary branches of agricultural production. For satisfaction of need of the population for the food in plant growing significant growth in average annual gross collecting grain has to be provided, productivity of grain crops is increased, production of other main types of agricultural production is increased. An important problem of plant growing is the sharp increase in production of forages for creation of strong food supply of animal husbandry.