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If all heads have to be engaged in a varying degree in formal strategic planning, drawing up strategic plans for all organization is, first of all, an obligation of the top management. Heads of an average and lowest link participate in this work, providing the relevant information and providing feedback.

- The second model of formation of strategy is characterized as enterprise. According to it this process is carried out polusoznatelno in the leader's head, usually the businessman, on the basis of deep understanding of logic of this type of business and good knowledge of a situation. It gives it the chance to create the vision of a problem and ways of its decision and advance to the future. Thus personal and informal nature of vision of the future gives it flexibility and fruitfulness;

In practice the enterprise can realize some strategy at the same time. It is characteristic for the diversified enterprises. But the enterprise can provide a certain sequence in realization of strategy. In both cases say that the enterprise carries out the combined strategy.

Strategy is a detailed, comprehensive, comprehensive plan which is developed by the top management, and is realized by all levels of management. Strategy is developed from the point of view of development of all enterprise on the basis of researches and actual data.