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More than 12% of the population of all country are concentrated in 4 largest cities, each of which has more than 1 million inhabitants, - Rome (2,9 million), Milan (1,7 million), Naples (1,2 million) and Turin (1,1 million). more than a half of all large cities is in Northern Italy. For Italy, especially for the North and the Center, the dense network of the small cities (10-30 thousand inhabitants) is characteristic.

The Italian rivers are used long ago by the person for electricity generation, supply with water of settlements and the industrial enterprises, and also in small sizes - for navigation. More than 60% of the general reserves of hydroenergy resources of Italy with concentration in the Alps. Practically all these resources are already used by the available hydroelectric power stations.

Subsoil of Italy is rich with construction materials - marble, granite, travertine, etc. In Carrara (Toskan is got the well-known white Carrara marble which else was used by ancient Romans for creation of many sculptures and finishing of buildings. Today, it not only is used in the country, but also goes for export.

There is a huge number of the interesting countries in which travel business is developed quite widely and occupies in this or that country a certain step. Many countries are rich with cultural historical values, but from many countries I would like to allocate Italy, with its unique architecture, history, culture, and also mainly because of great value in tourist activity. There is a wish to tell as much as possible about this country, and at the same time it is necessary to try to state material briefly and laconically especially as I happened to visit this country, its some cities which are the tourist centers, such as Florence, Venice, and of course a pearl of Italy – Rome.

The left inflows On flow down from the Alps, and right - from the Apennines. The left inflows eat mainly thawed glacial snow in the summer. Apenninsky inflows On - the small rough mountain rivers the deepest in the spring when snow thaws and go plentiful rains, and in the rainy fall.

Modern Italy reminds former and on rates of life, and on a of economy, and even on the a little. The blue sea, the azure sky, bright subtropical greens, picturesque, an ivy antique ruins, Neapolitan songs — such represented Italy about 100 — 150 years ago. A lot of things changed since then though in the country also there were lines on which it is possible to recognize the glorified beauty of the last centuries. ­ both blue sea, and azure heavens, and ancient ruins, uncountable crowds of, still to itself.

Official language - Italian. It belongs to Romance group of Indo-European languages. All variety of the Italian dialects can be reduced in three large groups: dialects of Northern, Central and Southern Italy.

In the menacing state there is a habitat in the large industrial cities. The Italian cities stand on one of the last places in the world on gardening. Development of the industry and the motor transport led to air pollution which in the centers of chemical industry exceeds all admissible norms.