Ielts Task 2 Five Points To Write A Conclusion

11 words to score 26 Critically respond to write a research proposal

We will carry out calculation of the amplifier recognizing that distortions are distributed as follows: output KTs-1 of dB, the output cascade from intercascade KTs-5 of dB, the entrance cascade from entrance KTs-5 of dB. Thus, the maximum unevenness of AChH of the amplifier will not exceed 3 dB.

For reduction of power consumption and increase in efficiency with 12 to 32 percent, in a collector chain resistance we replace with a throttle which resistance in the working range of frequencies much more, than the general resistance of loading.

The size of inductance of a throttle gets out so that the variable component of current was not grounded via the power supply, and the size of blocking capacity – so that the collector of the VT1 transistor on alternating current was grounded.

Using formulas (1, (1, (1, (1, (1, (1, and the characteristic of the transistor provided in point 2, we will be convinced that the chosen resistance of feedback will provide the demanded strengthening coefficient on the necessary strip of frequencies:

As it was noted above as the output cascade we will isplzovat the cascade with parallel negative feedback on tension possessing the greatest shirokopolosnost, during the work on capacitor loading.