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In equipment statistical approach and based on is mute the device provided development of the theory of reliability, the theory of mass service, a kvalimetriya and some other scientific and technical disciplines. Thanks to it transition in the second half of the XX century to creation and a of multipurpose technical systems of a high which reliability is described by probabilistic became possible.

However at all modifications in the structural organization of the world, the meaning or direct sequence of events, or a ryadopolozhennost of the moments or states replacing each other is peculiar to all types of the temporary relations. Time is long, irreversible and is asymmetric, also the cause and effect relations are asymmetric. The idea of a of temporary cycles does not change the main point: in any material system existing and developing on own time the causal relations are all the same carried out its, specific, but nevertheless.

The more deeply people learned the world, the became more difficult than their idea of communications between causes and effects. It became clear that the simple scheme of causality immensely hardens the real cause and effect relations, catching only their general sense. With identification all of new types of causal relationships was enriched their initial simple understanding, the elementary scheme of causality became complicated. Opening of interactions was an important step on this way.

Accident and need are relative: necessary in conditions can appear casual in others and vice versa. For their reliable distinction it is necessary to consider carefully every time specific conditions. In the concrete analysis of the causal relations need and accident are closely with a ratio possible and valid, with an opportunity in reality.

Concepts of cause and effect arise on a joint of the principles of general communication and a. On the one hand, from the point of view of the principle of general communication causality is defined as one of main types of communication, namely a genetic linkage of the phenomena, in which one (the reasons under certain conditions generates another (. On the other hand, already from the point of view of the principle the causality is defined as follows: any and the more so development, that is change towards a of new quality, has the cause and effect.

Any form of communication always has defined which does it necessary or casual, constant or temporary. Thus, the basis is the essential objective condition providing education and a of this or that communication. So, gravitational properties of systems cause power communication of space objects; an atomic nucleus charge — communication in system of elements; requirements and form the basis to communication of people in society.

All that occurs in the world, is obliged to interaction of things. Owing to universality of interaction the interconnection of all structural levels of life, unity of the world. It causes both emergence, and development of objects, and their transition from one qualitative to other. Interaction, thus, is the category reflecting processes of influence of various objects at each other, their mutual conditionality, states, mutually transition, and also generation by one of another. Dynamics of a cause and effect of the movement, change and development in the nature, society and thinking assumes heterogeneity (heterogeneity), variety of forms of manifestation real and an inclusiveness of a fragment of life in a stream of universal interaction.

The judgment of the nature of interaction significantly enriched ideas of the cause and effect relations between. The overall picture of the world gained much more difficult, dynamic character, but became also more adequate. Became, in particular, clear that the graphic model in which all modern knowledge of causal relationships of the phenomena would be considered, would appear a beskonechnomerny universal network of general communications, where all phenomena — causes and effects — anyway, directly or mediately, repeatedly with each other where all is connected with everything.