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If the combined cross collector is located in a end face, driving stations of skreperny installations should be in the same end face behind a cross collector. In an opposite the effort in a traction chain increases by 25% and its wear is accelerated.

Transportation of manure along cross channels is carried out TSN-0B conveyors, and also the USN-8, US-10 and TS installations - the Last can be applied only if the it is made by the crushed sterns at the bespodstilochny maintenance of animals or at limited use of a.

where Uz – tension on the grounding device, In; Iz – the short circuit current on the earth passing through a grounding conductor, And; Rz – the electric resistance of the grounding device, Ohm; Uch – tension under which there is a person, Century.

The choice of a way and means of mechanization of cleaning of manure from rooms for cattle is defined by technology of the maintenance of animals, planning of rooms, the space-planning solution of a farm or complex and security with covering materials.

The coefficient of a touch of a difficult planimetric is equal 0,3 — 0,2, and step coefficient — 0,3 — 0,1 and below. The less than value of coefficients α and α, the tension of a touch and a step will be lower.

Completing of units – the most important factor of effective use of mashinotraktorny park. Correctly completed mashinotraktorny unit has to provide high-quality performance of work according to agrotechnical requirements, the highest productivity at the smallest expenses of work and means.

Cases of electrical machines, transformers, devices, lamps are subject to grounding; drives of devices; secondary windings of measuring transformers; frameworks of distributive guards and control panels, and also lighting and power boards. It is necessary to ground metal cable designs, covers of power and control cables, steel pipes of an electrical wiring, metal cases of mobile and figurative electroreceivers. In a word, by grounding all metal parts of electroinstallations able have to be captured to appear under as a result of isolation breakdown and to which the touch of the service personnel and animals is possible.

When using difficult planimetric ­ devices potentials of points of a floor or the earth, in a contour, increase, and tension of a step decreases. Sometimes for reduction of tension for the grounding device to the earth stack steel strips on gradually ­ depth. The curve of recession of potential in this case becomes more flat.

Efficiency of mechanization of agricultural production is very great. So, transition from a live tyagl to mechanical draft allowed to increase labor productivity on a plowed land by 9 times, on a boronovaniye, cultivation and crops – by 18 times, on cleaning and a threshing of grain crops – by 44 times. Application of electromilking reduces work costs of 67%, and operational costs of 34%. The mechanized water supply of livestock farms in comparison with the horse and manual reduces work costs of 96% and operational costs – by 90%. Still the bigger effect is gained at complex mechanization of agriculture with application of the electric power.

Overall performance of the unit is defined by agrotechnical and operational qualities of a tractor and the farm vehicles entering the unit, correctness of their selection and connection, a choice of the rational modes.

It is not allowed to do grounding conductors in places where the earth is dried under the influence of third-party heat (for example, heating main pipes). In order to avoid a it is necessary to apply galvanized grounding conductors. Otherwise it is necessary to increase their section to provide settlement service life.