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where To - own capital, ARE - the assets working LA - liquid assets, OV - obligations poste restante, WITH - total obligations, ZK - the protected capital, FOR - fund of obligatory reserves, UF - an authorized capital.

as the instrument of research it is not quite adequate to practice since thin effects and dependences which she is urged to estimate, now simply are not reflected acting accounting. So, for example, sedate and coefficients in each group at substitution in a total look nearly proportional what, ­, are not, despite the existing between them.

According to the second theory understand reliability, that is ability in any situation in the market as solvency, but not according to the coming terms of payments to fulfill the assumed obligations.

All provided coefficients are picked up so that their increase unambiguously improved a general characteristic. Certainly, it is supposed that for possibility of comparison of results data have to be collected for one date.

The decision of system of the equations of linear programming, what sums should be invested in each type of assets to maximize profit at the set set of assumptions, in model. It is quite probable that it will be required to calculate the program several times, changing sets of assumptions to check a of results to change of assumptions.

where CC - own means, OV - obligations poste restante, WITH - urgent obligations, VS - the given-out means, VV - high-risk investments, LA - liquid assets, KV - capital investments, WB - a balance sheet total, PZ - arrears, SSN - own means net.