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Feature of the processes of integration in the Western hemisphere at the present stage happening both under the auspices of the USA within Pan-American association and in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean Region, is bipolar nature of the idea of creation of the Pan-American free trade zone which is put forward by the United States and supported by the largest country of the continent — the Federal Republic Brazil. However if the ultimate goal — formation of the largest on the basis of already operating subregional groups in principle is equitable in the world of the common market including a motley conglomerate of the countries (from island pass the states of the Caribbean Region to a world superstate) to interests of the countries - initiators, approaches to its realization proceed from various prerequisites, generate serious disagreements and significantly complicate the solution of an objective.

Expansion of economic space and even sales market does not mean automatic creation of new workplaces. In modern conditions the increase in labor productivity practically in all branches is based first of all on introduction of high technologies. Therefore new workplaces can appear generally in the latest knowledge-intensive branches, however increased requirements will be imposed to labor here: high education level, professionalism and narrow specialization. Thus, mass unemployment in MERCOSUR will tend most likely to increase and in the future.