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Was considered that in the reserved country of the East, a legendary Shambhala located in the Tibetan mountains, the pink garden is and at the Greatest Lord! And that all flowers there, and especially roses, the huge size, and the just person can feel smells of these Great Roses not only in any very far city of the lowland, but also in any corner of the world.

Fruits of dogroses from section of the dog - Canina, in particular Sh. dog - R. canina L. is poorer in ascorbic acid, but contain organic acids. Use for production of a zhelchegonny preparation and a karotolina.

Rose attar (mostly is a part of 46% of man's and 98% of female perfumery. However from all variety in perfumery only two species of roses - Damask and a tsentifoliya are used. Natural rose attar - one of the most expensive, in the international market it is appreciated more expensively than gold and platinum. Receiving one kilogram of rose attar requires on average three tons of petals.

As medicinal raw materials use hips - Fructus Rosae. Fruits collect in August - October to frosts when they get bright red or orange coloring and remain firm. Dry them quickly, at a temperature of 80-90 °C.

Modern roses happen practically all flowers, except for blue and black: there are no natural genes. However genetic engineering now is engaged in a blue rose, and black replace very dark red shades.